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What is Panettone?

Panettone is a naturally leavened sweet bread with inclusions. Traditionally eaten around Christmas time in Italy, traditional panettone has raisins and candied citrus as inclusions but there can be many variations of panettone as far as inclusions go.


What does it taste like?

Depending on the inclusions it can have different flavours but the bread itself has a ton of butter, egg yolks and sugar so it’s very rich. I like to describe it as a butter custard with just enough flour to give it structure and hold it together.


What makes panettone different than any other bread ie brioche?

A couple of things, the first one is the amount of butter and egg yolks that go into it, around three times as much butter as regular brioche. Second and most important, it is made with a stiff sourdough starter or “Lievito madre”. Even though technically it is a sourdough starter, it is fed and maintained within very specific parameters to make it not acidic, Papi’s starter smells more like white wine and ripe pears than sourdough.


What makes panettone so expensive?

As mentioned before, the amount of butter and egg yolks found in Panettone is wild but also, the fact that it takes anywhere from 36-48 hour to make a panettone, Papi don’t sleep no more. Also, there is more chocolate than flour in our panettone.


Does it taste like fruitcake?

If I hear one more person say this, I will break their knees with my bare hands. People tend to associate panettonne and fruit cake because they both contain candied fruit, but that is the only similarity between them.


What makes Papi’s panettone different from others?

It has taken Papi two years of absolute, pure, relentless obsession to get his panettone to where it is today. It is also baked with the highest quality ingredients available and unlike most panettone that was made in Italy or Brazil six months ago and shipped in a sea can, Papi’s panettone is made in house and will most likely be the freshest panettone our guests will enjoy.


How long does it last for?

If left in the bag either cut or uncut, as far as the bag is sealed to prevent it from drying out, panettone will last for over 2 months. There are no preservatives to aid but that is just how much butter there Is in it. Fat is a great preservative.


What’s with the nuts in it?

There are no nuts in panettone, it is the glaze that goes on top that contains almonds.

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